With raize,

Giving = Growth.

Take transactions and turn them into authentic relationships through Charitable Giving.

1. Download Raize.

Simply download Raize to your Shopify account. 

2. Install Raize to your Shopify account and select your giving preferences.

Raize helps you embed authenticity into every transaction. Use our widgets to build better relationships with your customers.

Drive more engagement by embedding choice into the donation process so that you can confidently give to the causes your customers care about.

Create authentic transactions by providing an opportunity for customers to donate during their shopping experience.

Build better relationships with customers each time they choose to activate their charitable intent by rounding up a purchase.

A better way to give, just a click a way.

3. Empower your customers to give to a cause they care about.

We handle the challenges of cause marketing compliance so you can focus on your customers. Raize takes care of all the legalities and back office management required to run charitable giving campaigns.

of consumer would switch to a brand that supports a cause they care about.

4. Increase sales and boost your metrics through maximized giving.

You can build better relationships with your customers while increasing lifetime value and affinity. Charitable giving can boost sales, affinity, average order value and so much more for your brand.