Fund It Now, Pay Later Could Increase Your Donations by 200%

Raize wants to build a Fund It, Now Pay Later tool . It would give you access to 100% of your donations up front while donors get to pay their gift off over time with interest free payments. Donations would be guaranteed regardless of payment outcomes. Their would be no risk to a donors credit if they did not follow through with their payments.

Watch our video to learn more.

The Benefits

Larger Donations

Studies show that people who Fund It Now, Pay Later give more overall and give more per donation.

Faster Funding

Your nonprofit receives the donation upfront, while your donors pay over time, with no interest or fees.

Zero Costs

No fixed costs or subscription costs for nonprofits. You or your donors can cover the facilitation fee for the service.

Familiar Method

 360 million people used a Buy Now, Pay Later Service this past year.

No Risk To Donor

Donors would make penlty free/interest free payments. Your nonprofit bears no risk and retains funds if payments stop.

Simple Integration

Add the tool wherever your nonprofit fundraises, with a simple line of code.

Thanks for letting us know

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