What fees affect Raize Donations?

Raize is 100% free for retailers to download and use. We partner with Giving Tech a 501c(3) public charity who manages the distribution process for these donations. Giving Tech applies certain fees to ensure a seamless distribution process. There are no cost to you for these fees as the donation covers them. There is an in-app option to cover these fees ensuring 100% of the donation is received by the selected nonprofit/nonprofits.

1) processing costs

After the end of a Payment Cycle (typically a calendar month), our Retailer Partners have the choice to process donations via credit card, debit card, or ACH:

(i) credit or debit card processing fee of 2.9% + .30¢ per aggregate donation amount;

(ii) ACH payment processing cost of 0.8%, capped at $5. The ACH option will pull donations from your checking account file. For example, say your aggregate donations total $1000.00 over the Payment Cycle, you will then be charged $29.30 or $5.00 to process the aggregate donation amount to our strategic partner, Giving Tech, a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.

2) technology fee

Giving Tech pays a 10% technology fee to it’s service providers to cover technology costs that support the donation and distribution process. This charge is withdrawn from the gross donation amount prior to providing funds to nonprofit organizations.

Giving Tech retains 8% of each donations to cover organizational expenses. This includes staff, infrastructure, customer support, office space, as well as additional costs.

3) activation fee

(iii) Certain features such as add on or round up have a $0.75 activation fee associated with them that is charged each time a customer donates through the feature. Features with activation fees will be clearly outlined in your dashboard. These fees will never exceed $60 total per month.

Additional Items

At the end of a payment cycle (typically a calendar month), all donations to an organization, from all sources, are aggregated. There may be charges to cover our disbursement processing; this is assessed once, per check or electronic transfer:

a) Per-Check Fees or Electronic Transfer for Disbursements to US Charitable Organizations

At the end of every calendar month, we calculate the amounts received for every charitable organization, net of the fees above, and send US charitable organizations payment for all amounts greater than $20. The nonprofit is charged a $5 processing fee per paper check or ACH payment.